Which New Xbox Consoles are Right for Me

If you’re looking for a more advanced strategy in World of Warcraft, the Xbox One version is for you. For those who want to go deeper and expand their role-playing game knowledge, the Xbox One X is the perfect upgrade. Other than the basic features of the original Xbox, there are new options such as support for 4K, HDR, and Ultra HD, as well as an updated, cross-buy system. The Xbox One X also supports cross-selling with an array of games, allowing you to buy the base version of Dragon Age: Origins for $50 and select the base game and add-ons for $60.

What is the Xbox One? Best Selling X-SeriesConsoles

The first thing to point out is the success of the original Xbox. It’s the one and only, and it’s available in every color scheme since its launch in 1999. The majority of the best selling Xbox consoles go back to its predecessor, the Xbox 360, so what’s different about the Xbox One? Well, for one, it comes with a new base model with a new model number, although it can be exchanged for the original model by purchasing an Xbox One XS or XS+, and then installing the latest update. The new model number stands out, as it’s the first Xbox to use the new 7th Generation (ROG) CPU from NVIDIA. It’s also the first Xbox to feature the successor to the defective Xbox 360, the Xbox One XS. And finally, the Xbox One XS+ sports a new design, with a different packaging, and a different name, but the same basic hardware, just with an updated model number.

Bestsellers X-Series Consoles

The first thing that sets the Xbox One apart from other consoles is its massive list of best selling titles. It’s not just NBA 2K19 that’s got a large sales advantage over the other consoles, it’s also cross-buy support, which means you can buy the base game on the Xbox One and Xbox consoles then select the add-ons and games for $50 or more. The PS4 goes back to $100, the PS3 goes back to $100, and the X-Series consoles like Xbox consoles go back to $85. That’s a massive leap – especially when you take into account the price of the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One has an advantage then, as it’s able to offer cross sale support, meaning you can buy the base game and select the library for $50 or more, and then pay the regular price for the Pro version.

Xbox One S sits at the head of the table when it comes to bestsellers. It’s been around for a while now and has seen massive sales, so it’s not a surprise that it’s doing so well on the charts. The most popular Xbox One S model is the Standard model, which comes with a 2TB hard drive, 6GB RAM, and a headset. It’s also the most expensive model, which is why it’s often the only option for budget conscious gamers.

Final Words

The Xbox One and  Xbox consoles have been around for a while now and it’s still going strong. It still has its appeal for younger players and the cross-buy support makes it even more appealing to seasoned veterans. It’s got it all, a great user experience, a huge library of games, and a great price point. It’s not too shabby for a new console and it definitely doesn’t belong on this list of excellent products. But which one is right for you? We’ll teach you!

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